About Pink Sudz Soap

My soaping journey started as a hobby.  Late one evening, after putting my infant son to sleep, I was browsing the internet looking at different crafts. I stumbled upon a blog from Soap Queen on how to make soap from a melt and pour glycerin base.  I was intrigued.  

I slowly started making soaps out of melt and pour soap bases.  I joined the soaping forums and was readily welcomed into the soaping community.  It was there that I started to read about the process of making Cold Process Soap.  I was hooked and pretty nervous to try.  But with much research, and a lot of asking from the professional soapers, I finally took the plunge and made my first batch in 2010.  I have enjoyed soaping ever since!  

During that time soap blogs were pretty popular for documenting your soap making.  Facebook and Instagram would come later on.  I started a small blog to document my soaping journey, Pink Sudz Soap Soaping Diaries.  This was pretty nerve wrecking as I was putting myself out there.  I am pretty much an introvert and will happily stay in the back of the room.  I found that documenting my trial and errors helped me. It also introduced me to some awesome soapers that were making some AMAZING work.  Beautiful soaps that called to me and I wanted to learn to do myself.

As my soaping craft got better I finally took the plunge and started my soaping business, and here we are!  We are now making more than soap, branching out to lotions, body scrubs, bath treats and wax melts.  I am still enjoying the creative process.

You may be wondering why Pink Sudz Soap?  The name came to me after the birth of my daughter.  After three years of blue for her brothers, I was excited to add some pinks and pastels to my shopping. I was in the middle of a pink craze.  I was buying everything pink.  I love pink :)... and I guess that explains most of it.  

Thank you for choosing to shop with us.  We know there are so many options available out there and we really appreciate the support for our small business. Happy shopping! 


Pink Sudz Soap